Hi there,

Welcome to Tong Wu’s page!

If you would like to know me, or just being curious, this is where I sometimes post my thoughts or ideas that I would like to share publicly with any people. They could be found under /posts/.

This page is supposed to be a self-introduction post, where I list my education, hobby and the work I’ve done. However, I found it difficult to define myself. Not because I have too much things going on in my head, but it’s more like a part of me just doesn’t like to be defined. I have no idea what words I could put down to represent myself. Besides, at the end of the day, it seems that what defined me are all the people I spent time with, the books I loved, the movies that cheered me up, and the world I saw with my eyes.

Since I fail to characterize myself in words, I decided to just list and mix the things that “sparked joy” in me, in lexicographical order, so that you can freely compose my portrait in your head by yourself.

Stuff I Enjoy, or Enlightening to Me, or I Recommend

Books I’m Currently Reading

I Am Looking Forward to Try

If you woule like to ask me out for a cup of coffee and you happen to be living in the Bay Area, CA, feel free to drop me an email, and thanks a lot for your time reading.